Please follow the format beow. Most of these CDs will be difficult to find, so feel free to point out where they can be purchased.

Bezmârâ. "Mecmûa" dan Saz ve Söz. 2004. Kalan.
34 tracks, almost all from Ali Ufki (1650). Liner notes in Turkish and English. www.kalan.com
Can be purchased from the UK for about US$20 or UKP12 at http://www.cornucopia.net/aboutsvs.html (as of 3/2009)

Bezmârâ. In the Search of the Lost Sound. 2000. Kalan.
I haven't seen this album, but the Kalan website says it has 14 tracks from Prince Katemir. www.kalan.com

The Cantigas de Santa Maria (Spanish, 13th century) have a bazillion recordings available; here is a full discography.

Kudsi Erguner Ensemble. Bezyade Prens Kantemir & Ali Ufki Külliyatindan Eserler. 2000. Equinox Music and Entertainment. EMCD 0002.
11 tracks, 9 from Prince Katemir and 2 from Ali Ufki. Liner notes in Turkish.www.equinox-music.com
Can be purchased in the US for US$16 from www.goldenhorn.com, click on Shop -> Recordings ->  Equinox (as of 3/2009)

Lalezar Ensemble. Lalezar, Vol.1: Music of the Sultans. 2001.
The first few tracks fall within the timeframe of this list, and this is an easily purchased album. Not exactly easy listening, but the liner notes are informative, and it does underline the role music played in the highest areas of Ottoman life.

Lux Musica. Cantemir: Music in Istanbul & Ottoman Europe around 1700. 2000.
Haven't listened to it. For sale at www.goldenhorn.com (as of 3/2009). Recorded in Santa Cruz, California (!)